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I wanted to let people know that I'm avalible for voice acting. I do a pretty rockin' old man/grandpa. Check out my 'Grandpa's Tales' skit:
You can also check out other solo skits I've done for other voices, but that's the best one in my opinion. If you somehow need more, work on Grandpa's Tales 2 will being soon. Feel free to animate my stuff too if you want.



2011-10-06 16:04:41 by empireomega

Attention, whoever sees this. I have a Youtube account now. I use it mostly for flash LPs, but I might put some other stuff in there, because I have a lot of great ideas for stuff I currently can't do. Every once in a while, I might play a Newgrounds game. I record videos on weekends and post videos on weekdays, and man oh man I can't wait to get to recording this weekend. I have a 3-day weekend, so I'll use the opporitunity to play Nitrome's 'Tiny Castle' and Newgrounds' own 'Super Adventure Game Land' in something I like to call the 'Onward To Glories' Knight Game 2-LP Special.

Also be sure to check out my Tindeck account, which has been around for a while, where I do comedy skits. I've got lots of fun ideas. I'm working on !!!RANDOMFEST3!!! and Grandpa's Tales 2, I'm still looking for a female voice actor for Pizza Hut Call 2, and I might try to gather up some friends for The Great Holy Thing. S'gon be righteous.

Pixel Arts

2011-08-26 16:27:42 by empireomega

This is an stuff.